Space Shuttle Launch Images

Thanks to Peter Armstrong for the following images (except the STS-75 VIP site images which are mine and the STS-77 entry plasma trail photo). Images are best viewed with at least 65536 (16 bit) colours.

NASA Causeway
STS-26, Spectators. The VAB is in the middle.
STS-29, Pad-39B, 210 mm focal length (note the haze)
STS-43, Pad-39A, 210 mm, note that the Static Test Road (STR) site is visible at the lower left
Generic view of both Pad-39A and B, 28 mm

Static Test Road (STR) site
STS-51, Pad-39B, 70 mm
STS-51, Pad-39B, 210 mm
STS-51, looking north toward the launch pads (over the hill)

15 metre level of the Mate-Demate Device (MDD) at the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF)
STS-61, Pad-39B, Pad-39A is the bright area to the right
STS-61, Pad-39B, time-lapse night liftoff
STS-64, Pad-39B, 70 mm
STS-64, Pad-39B, 210 mm
STS-64, Pad-39B, launch, 210 mm

Banana Creek VIP site
STS-35, Pad-39B, 140 mm
STS-69, Pad-39A is in the middle, B is on the left, 28 mm
STS-69, Pad-39A, 210 mm
STS-69, Pad-39A, ~150 mm
STS-69, Stand. Family side is in foreground, "VIP" side is beyond the wooden fence, 28 mm
STS-75, Pad-39B (left with STS-75) and Pad-39A (right). 45 mm
STS-75, Pad-39B, exhaust plume after launch, 45 mm
STS-75, Looking at the astronauts behind the VIP stand. 45 mm

Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF)
STS-69, Endeavour as it rolls past the VIP viewing site, 70 mm
STS-69, VIP landing viewing site at the SLF mid-point

OPF-3 adjacent to the VAB
STS-75, Pad-39B, 210 mm
STS-75, Pad-39B, 70 mm

Press Site
STS-101, Pad-39A
STS-101, Pad-39A
STS-101, VAB

Barge Turn Basin
STS-101, Pad-39B
STS-101, Barge Turn Basin

Santa Fe, New Mexico
STS-77, entry plasma trail, taken by Bob Hatfield (5 minute exposure on ASA 1000 film at f3.5. The camera was mounted piggy-back on a CG11 telescope.)

In memory of Columbia
STS-73, Penguin. "OV-102 is affectionately known as 'The Penguin', a name it earned during the leak investigation. Definition: Penguin - A black & white flightless bird." Ken Hollis in

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