Airfix 1/76 Tiger I Tank

In August 2003, I suddenly had the urge to rebuild the first model I built up as a child. I had bought the kit at K-Mart and built it at my cousin's house. With no experience and not much reference to the instructions, I built it with the track wheels all crooked. This time, I would do it right. I built the kit pretty much straight out of the box. The new instructions recommended that the tracks be painted matt rust H113. I did this, but it did not look right. I took the tracks off and re-painted them gun metal H53. I also the painted spare tracks 8 gun metal. The bar across the middle of this part was painted matt sand H63. After 40 years, the mold is showing its age. There were various small scratches on the surface and one of the wheels had its hole blocked. I drilled it out using the edge of a hair-pin. The decals were off-register, but that was OK. It was great fun putting this together during my weekends, better than reading magazines which I had been doing for the last 20 years.
New Box.
Original header. Note that some of the features are missing on the new box, to reflect the kit more accurately.